People remember loved ones who have served our country and fought for our freedom in different ways. Charlie Thompson commemorates and cherishes the memory of his son, Army Staff Sgt. Jacob Thompson, by handcrafting memorabilia. According to Panama City News Herald, Thompson began creating quilts almost eight years after Jacob passed away at the age of 26 while on a tour of duty in Iraq.

The memory of his son continues to live on with these quilts made out of cloth from Jacob's military uniform that Charlie received from the Army after his death. So far he has made two patchwork blankets in honor of Jacob's duties in the U.S. Army. Jacob enlisted in the Army as a high school student in the late '90s. The quilts exhibit camouflage print along with Jacob's portrait, his dog tags and the words "Army Strong." 

In an article in the Panama City News Herald, Charlie Thompson said, "I have this desire to never forget Jacob… I want to see him as much as possible."

Thompson continues to be reminded of Jacob with many pieces of memorabilia placed throughout his homes in Minnesota, where he stays for a few months with his wife Barb and in Panama Beach City, where he resides most of the year. As of right now, the quilts are in the hands of Jacob's brothers, Jon and Jason. Thompson's hope is that these quilts will be admired and passed down to future generations, so that his son is remembered forever.

One of Thompson's quilts was featured in The Quilt Show 2016 hosted by Saint Andrew Bay Quit's Guild and held at Florida State University Panama City Holley Academic Center.