Thousands of veterans nationwide need constant care for any number of issues they may face, but not a lot have the option to actually receive such treatment. To that end, veterans in Minnesota are pushing for the construction of a veterans' nursing home in the towns of Montevideo and Bemidji.

In all, the proposed plan would build two separate facilities, each with about 70 beds for veterans who need long-term care, according to a report from the West Central Tribune. The total cost of the project has been advanced by bills in both the state House and Senate. Rep. Tim Miller, a Republican representing Prinsburg, and Sen. Lyle Koenen, a member of the Democratic Farmer Labor party representing Clara City drew up the legislation.

Both Montevideo and Bemidji have large populations of veterans, and Minnesota has a waiting list of more than 1,500 former servicemembers waiting to get into existing facilities around the state, the report said. As many as 144 beds could be added under federal rules with this plan.

Certainly these are issues that many states and municipalities need to monitor closely, especially as they try to tackle some of the most prevalent issues facing veterans today.