Nevada likes to pride itself on being one of the most veteran-friendly states in the union, and often lives up to that goal in convincing fashion. However, one lawmaker says that a facility in the state may not be holding up its end of the bargain.

After an incident in which a veteran living at a Nevada state hospital for former servicemembers died with deadly bacteria in his system, Rep. Dina Titus is pushing for better oversight of these facilities, according to a column in the Boulder City Review. Titus serves on the House Veterans Affairs Committee and recently worked with VA Under Secretary of Health David Shulkin to craft a plan to provide that kind of review.

Data shows that from late 2012 to early last year, the company in charge was cited for 38 issues, and fined more than $20,000 as a consequence, the report said. In addition, it's generally seen as not even being the worst-kept such facility in the state.

The more lawmakers can do to provide safety nets for veterans for whom they are supposed to be providing support, the better off those former servicemembers will be going forward, regardless of their needs.