Often, new state and federal laws are passed specifically to help veterans in some way, whether it's through expanded services or additional help. However, some veterans groups are now saying that a bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives could actually harm a large number of former servicemembers, both health-wise and financially.

The FACT Act is a bill that would make it more difficult for all Americans who have been exposed to asbestos to get financial compensation from the companies that exposed them to it, according to a report from political news site The Hill. The reason this is likely to be so impactful for veterans in particular is that they make up about 1 in 3 asbestos victims nationwide.

Under the law, which likely has little chance of being signed by President Barack Obama, those who have gotten sick as a result of asbestos exposure would have to disclose personal information that is then put in public databases, the report said. Further, it would likely delay the payments they receive from the companies responsible.

This is a major issue, and one veterans will have to monitor closely as time goes on. That may be particularly true if they or someone they know has been exposed to asbestos in the past.