Veteran homelessness is an issue that has been tackled head-on by state and local governments, as well as private organizations. However, more can always be done to get former servicemembers off the streets, and one group in New Jersey is taking up that challenge – and others – in earnest.

The Citizens-Veterans Advisory Council in Cape May County has only been in operation for three years, but has already helped many veterans find a home, according to a report from the Press of Atlantic City. Specifically, the organization helps arrange temporary housing for veterans while they wait for "emergency housing" provided by the government. Already, its efforts have been a big hit in the community.

But the efforts go beyond just housing, the report said. The group also helps with bills when veterans run short of money, and even buys clothes when needed.

These kinds of efforts can go a long way toward helping veterans avoid the pitfalls that come from difficult financial situations. Achieving stability in their lives after service is essential.