Many studies have shown that having a pet can go a long way for veterans and active military members alike when it comes to helping their mental state. With this in mind, one organization is helping to connect those servicemembers, both current and former, with pets in need of a home.

The Ann Arundel County Animal Control in Millersville, Maryland recently announced it has partnered with the nonprofit Pets for Patriots Inc., to give veterans dogs and cats more than two years old, dogs weighing more than 40 pounds, or animals with special needs at no charge, according to the Broadneck, Maryland, version of the local news site Patch. Through the program, the adoption fees are not only covered by Pets for Patriots, but also receive supplies and veterinary care for free as well. That includes micro-chipping the animals.

"Our goal is to help our adoption partners re-home harder-to-place pets that still have years of love and life to give while at the same time making it more affordable for military personnel to bring a pet into their lives," Beth Zimmerman, founder and executive director of Pets for Patriots, told the site. "We're delighted to work with Anne Arundel County Animal Control to give these last-chance pets a second chance at life and, in so doing, to enhance the lives of veterans in the community. Everybody wins."

However, veterans must apply for the program through Pets for Patriots before they can adopt an animal with all these benefits, the report said. Fortunately, that approval time usually takes two business days or fewer.

These kinds of programs connecting veterans with pets can have immense benefits for both animal and servicemember, as they can each get a faithful companion for years to come.