Across the country, many organizations now exist to tackle the problem of veteran homelessness. However, one group in Texas seems to go above and beyond the call of duty in comparison even with many of the nation's most successful efforts.

Family Endeavors is based in Texas but has operations in various parts of the country, all focused on getting homeless vets off the streets, according to a report from the Raleigh (North Carolina) News & Observer. Indeed, during the 2015 fiscal year alone, the organization put 280 homeless veterans living near Fort Bragg in North Carolina into permanent housing.

However, while that is obviously a great first step, experts say more needs to be done, the report said. There are still more than 1,000 homeless veterans throughout North Carolina, and even the organizations which exist to help them aren't necessarily able to do as much as they or many others might like.

Fortunately, any efforts here are likely to go a long way for all involved, so the more that can be done to support organizations such as these, the better off both these groups and the veterans they serve will be.