The Aura Home for Women Veterans, which originally began in Buncombe County, recently expanded with a new office opening in Asheville, North Carolina. This nonprofit organization, aims to assist homeless women veterans in the community by providing housing solutions as well as necessities to readjust to life, including clothing, transportation and meals.

The Aura Home for Women Veterans was founded by Alyce Knaflick to help make a difference in the homeless women veteran community in North Carolina, which is ranked among other states as having one of the highest populations of homeless female veterans, according to WLOS News 13.

Knaflick told WLOS News 13, "Women veterans seem to be second class citizens here…They don't get the job training opportunities, they don't get medical care and they don't get housing."

This organization aims to provide women veterans with a home. It also aims to give the support needed for women to get back on the path toward a successful career post-military. Reliable information sources for women veterans pertaining to finding jobs, training, financial assistance or education, are available at the Aura Home for Women Veterans.