When a natural disaster hits, having the aid and emotional support from a strong group of leaders can help significantly. Team Rubicon, an organization made up of many veteran members, does just that. This natural disaster relief program began in response to the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Team Rubicon is back at it again, this time helping in a relief effort of the most recent natural disaster: a tornado that destroyed Tappahannock, Virginia this past week.

The severe and deadly storm hit Virginia and caused a significant amount of damage in the area. It destroyed houses down to the foundations, including more than 25 homes, according to NBC 12. Team Rubicon is a group of first responders. Veterans make up 75 percent of its membership and their military skills are invaluable to the team's efforts. Veterans are experienced in deploying in emergency situations. In Virginia, the members began by removing debris and cutting fallen trees. 

This natural disaster relief team has been helping people for the past six years, since a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti. Because of this earthquake, millions of Haitians became homeless. There was an immense amount of services needed, like medics and clean water. Marines Jake Wood and William McNulty wanted to be on-site in Haiti to lend a hand. After forming a six-members team of first responders and veterans, they headed to Haiti with medical supplies and money. Despite the danger ahead, they were able to treat thousands of patients. Team Rubicon has continued its mission ever since. 

"For the veteran's side of it, we found a renewed sense of community, purpose and identity…Sharing that with veterans and first responders really helps our veterans find a passion for life again," Bob Bledso, Team Rubicon's Virginia state coordinator, said in a statement to NBC 12.

Bledso, who served in the Air Force for two decades and has been working with Team Rubicon for the past four years, mentions that this team allows veterans to find that sense of camaraderie and brotherhood they experienced while in the military. This team is passionate about working with veterans to help aid in disasters.