A controversial deal between UCLA and the VA which resulted in a lawsuit a few years ago has been revised to ensure that veterans have better access to health care and other improvements. This comes after the American Civil Liberties Union argued the VA was improperly allowing UCLA to lease VA land.

As a consequence of the suit, it seems the VA has announced a new plan to improve the services it provides to disabled veterans, and expand housing options for homeless former servicemembers as well, according to a report from the Daily Bruin, the UCLA student newspaper. As a result of the new plan, many local veterans believe that they're going to receive access to dramatically improved services.

Part of that involves UCLA paying $1.15 million each year going forward, to help pay for medical, legal, and recreational costs incurred by veterans, the report said. The school will also pay $300,000 per year to continue leasing Jackie Robinson Stadium, where the school's baseball team plays.

With more organizations looking to help veterans in a number of ways, the options former servicemembers may have to get assistance like medical care, housing, and so on, continue to grow significantly.