Job security is at a premium in the United States, which makes getting a job difficult in this competitive market. However, there is good news for Americans. 2016 has started off on a positive note with the rate of employment increasing, according to Military Times. For the nation as a whole, unemployment rates have dropped. This fortunate decrease in unemployment is reaching the veteran demographic as well.

Information gathered by a monthly survey, known as Current Population Survey, concluded that for veterans who served from Sept. 11 up until this point have been among a group that has seen a decline in the unemployment rate. Veterans from post-Sept. 11 have experienced an unemployment rate of 5.7 percent, which has been the lowest since 2008, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America stated. It is important that veterans have job opportunities for a greater chance at success and the ability to support a household and afford an education after the military. The hope is that veterans will continue to have a high rate of job stability after serving in the military.