In the last few years, many veterans have sought assistance in a number of ways from private organizations and government agencies. However, one type of help that these former servicemembers often don't seem to be seeking these days is among veterans' organizations like the VFW and American Legion, and those organizations now say they'd like to see more participation.

The average member of the VFW these days is 70 years old, and enrollment is waning as thousands of World War II veterans die of old age every week, according to a report from Madison, Wisconsin, television station Channel 3000. Indeed, it seems that heavy enrollment really came to an end around the Vietnam era, and many are looking to younger veterans to help fill the gaps.

"I'm not sure what their feelings are," Commander Sonny Swangstu, of American Legion Post 328, told the station. "I think coming out of the situations they've been in they've had enough and they just want to back off until they get themselves ready."

The more veterans can do to look into how these groups might be able to help them in their daily lives, the better off they will be when it comes to having a strong support system whenever they need it.