Suicide among veterans is significantly more common than it is for the rest of the U.S. population, and it's a problem that needs serious attention. To that end, a number of veterans in chilly Duluth, Minnesota, took a drastic step on a walk to raise awareness.

Dozens stripped to their underwear for an outdoor walk to raise awareness and money for veteran suicide prevention, according to a report from Duluth television station KBJR. Part of the event, known as the Nearly Naked Ruck March, involved putting weight into the packs of those who raised more money, to symbolize the need to carry more weight for veterans who feel they can't do it themselves.

"It's so important because on average 22 veterans commit suicide today," Carl Huber, a volunteer for the nonprofit 23rd Veteran, told the station. "We will probably have over 120 people marching today. Men, women, children, veterans and non-veterans. It's just here in order to bring that awareness."

This kind of help, as well as other types of support organizations and individuals can provide, will go a long way toward helping reduce suicides among veterans nationwide.