Veterans are discharged from the armed services with some of best training imaginable, but when it comes to securing high-level civilian employment, sometimes just a bit more schooling can make a world of difference.

Korn Ferry and Harris Corp., two tech and manpower giants, are joining to offer a free Leveraging Military Leadership Program for both active duty servicemembers and veterans who have recently transitioned into their life after service, the Military Times reported.

This is the same leadership training given to the CEOs and senior executives of Korn Ferry. Veterans participating in the program will be led through three months of coaching, instruction, lectures, assessments and group exercises. Sounds a bit like basic training. 

Now entering its fourth year, the program has assisted more than 250 servicemembers of all military branches. Retired Army Col. Robert Fagan called it a monumental experience. 

"Most military transition courses start with the action plan in mind, such as resumes, networking and LinkedIn profiles," said Fagan in a news release. "This program takes you through the journey to self-exploration and self-awareness that allows you to develop a vision and a strategy, thereby making your transition more purposeful, meaningful and focused." 

Leadership programs like that on offer from Korn Ferry and Harris Corp. are part of a country-wide effort to recruit veterans for civilian jobs. The Columbus Dispatch reported that overall unemployment for veterans over 18 years old is at 4.3 percent, well below the national average. 

Companies like Prudential, which has had a veterans hiring office since 2010, have played a big part in providing employment opportunities to veterans and their families. 

"Veterans bring significant value to the workforce, including practiced leadership skills, discipline, the ability to perform in stressful situations and a solid work ethic," said Chuck Sevola, a former Army officer and current head of Prudential's Office of Veterans Initiatives. 

"We recognize the sacrifices made every day by these men and women," said Sevola, "and believe their experience and leadership can only make our company stronger."