Across the country, many veterans may have pressing legal needs, but no real wherewithal to deal with those issues themselves. Fortunately, the state of Virginia will soon hold free legal clinics to help advise former service members about any legal questions they may have.

The first four days in March will feature one-day clinics all around Virginia, put on by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, the state attorney general, and the Virginia State Bar, according to a report from the attorney general's office. These will be focused on helping low-income veterans plan their estates, including the writing of wills, delegating powers of attorney, and giving medical directives. Veterans can sign up on the attorney general's website, in person at DVS offices, or by mail.

"Wills, powers of attorney, and advance medical directives are really important documents that can provide veterans, their partners, and families with peace of mind and planning for the future," said Attorney General Mark Herring.

Veterans need to be able to look out for and tap any services that can help them in their daily lives, because there are so many organizations which exist solely to better serve former service members nationwide.