Across the country, veteran homelessness is largely viewed as a problem that is very much worth solving, and many cities are now looking for ways to do so successfully. That includes Northampton, Massachusetts, a smaller city in the western part of the state where a number of homeless former servicemembers are now living.

The city recently held a meeting for landlords with properties to rent there, advising them about the homeless veteran problem and the ways in which they can help to solve it without taking any sort of major financial hit, according to a report from the Springfield Republican. There are a number of programs – both public and private – that now exist to help landlords cover the costs when they house homeless veterans, and as such, a larger number in Northampton are now willing to help deal with this issue.

A number of cities, large and small, have already effectively ended veteran homelessness within their borders, and as awareness of the problem – and how to solve it – grows, that's a trend that should continue for some time to come.