Many people try to help veterans in rather material ways, giving them financial, medical, and even housing support. But others can also help veterans in other ways, and that's just what a funeral home in Wisconsin is doing in conjunction with local Girl Scouts these days.

Herman-Taylor Funeral Home in Wisconsin Rapids recently began collecting Valentine's Day cards and, with the help of those Girl Scouts, distributing them to former servicemembers at the nearby Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, after years of sending them to those serving overseas, according to a report from Wausau television station WAOW. At this point, more than 250 cards have already been given by local residents, and they will be dropped off starting Feb. 10 to the more than 700 vets who live at the facility.

"I started visiting a lot of the veterans finding out that many of them have no spouse, they have no grand kids, they have nobody come to visit," Ronald Miller, who works at Wisconsin Veterans Home at King American Legion Hospital, told the station.

The more that can be done to make veterans feel comfortable and appreciated, the better. Many organizations make outreach efforts such as these, and all of them go a long way toward helping former servicemembers.