One of the big focuses in veteran services over the last several years has been on helping those who come home with more than just physical scars. Post-traumatic stress disorder impacts a large number of veterans, and many groups are focused on helping to tackle that problem in a number of ways. That includes an organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, focused on therapy.

The Healing Warrior Hearts program asks veterans to draw pictures of their hearts and discuss their problems in an open and accepting setting with other former servicemembers, according to a report from Milwaukee television station TMJ 4. Participants say the sessions, which include role playing, can go a long way toward helping them see a path to getting better once again.

"[PTSD] changes a person," Patricia Clason, who founded Healing Warrior Hearts, told the station. "It changes them deep inside. In order to find a sense of safety again, and open their hearts again, and not be in fear every day, requires the love of a lot of people to make that happen."

This kind of support exists for veterans in almost every part of the country, and often all they have to do to tap it is do a bit of research, and then reach out.