A tragic accident left Bobby Henline, a former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, severely wounded. But that hasn't stopped him from pursuing his dreams and helping others.

Henline was the only survivor after an explosion occurred while on tour in Iraq in 2007, according to PEOPLE magazine. He faced hardships and became fearful while recovering from burns and an amputated arm. Henline endured over 40 surgeries and plenty of days of rehabilitation, but despite the turmoil, he has persevered. 

Despite the injuries, he mustered the strength and courage to heal physically and emotionally, Wide Open Country stated. There were many hesitations and doubts that got in his way but as soon as he started to tell his story, he began to see life in a different light. 

"I'm trying to give back. This is a great way to do it, through empowerment and food," Henline told PEOPLE magazine.

Henline realized that the best way to deal with what happened was by helping others, the source stated. Because he had firsthand experience struggling to find a job in life after service, he wanted to find a way to empower veterans and enable them to avoid this issue. He's heading in the right direction, pursuing his passion for helping others and his love for food, specifically burgers. 

He is planning to open a burger restaurant that will offer employment to veterans. He looked to his friend and former Korean War veteran, Richard Brown, owner of Biggie's Burgers and Great Shakes, for guidance on this endeavor, Wide Open Country reported. Brown also has a dedication to supporting veterans, who happen to be a majority of his loyal customers.

Brown enthusiastically agreed to assist Henline to open and run another Biggie's chain in San Antonio, according to PEOPLE magazine. As of right now, Henline is trying to raise enough money to get things running smoothly. Once his goal is met, he will hire a staff of those who have served our country. Brown and Henline are an unstoppable dynamic duo who will continue to do their part in the community and hope to serve good food with their great hearts.