Riding a bike is an exercise many Americans undertake every day as a means of staying in shape, but these days, one group of veterans is getting a lot of mileage out of the practice after being wounded during service.

A number of current service members in the Air Force recently participated in the Ride 2 Recovery along with 20 wounded veterans near Las Vegas, according to a report from the Air Force News Service. Altogether, the current and former airmen rode their bikes 20 miles through mountainous terrain over the course of three days, as part of a program that not only focuses on rehabbing injuries, but also building a team spirit and improving veterans' confidence.

One of the organizers of this group of vets noted that one of the servicemembers who participated was very reserved, but after the program has become a lot more outgoing, the report said. Another who was paralyzed from the neck down can ride up to 10 miles with the group, up from just a quarter of a mile previously.

"I'm just happy to be alive and be out here because I spent a lot of time depressed," retired Master Sgt. Chris White told the news organization. "To be out here, it puts all the negativity out of my head and for that time I'm happy to be with my friends. We're brothers in arms and I'm in my element with people who are like minded, and just want to escape the daily grind of having their struggles and be around people who understand what it's like."

These kinds of groups can do a world of good for veterans in need, and often all those service members need to do is reach out and ask for assistance when they need it.