The White House released a video Sept. 30 of President Obama addressing the military just hours before the government shutdown occurred. It is the first federal government shutdown in 17 years. 

In the video, Obama thanks active-duty troops and defense department employees for their service before outlining the terms of the shutdown and how it is going to affect both civilians and uniformed servicemembers.

According to Obama's recorded statement, those in uniform will remain on normal duty status. 

"The threats to our national security have not changed, and we need you to be ready for any contingency," Obama said in the video. "Ongoing military operations – like our efforts in Afghanistan – will continue."

Obama added that servicemembers in danger or combat zones will have the proper tools to fulfill their missions.

However, civilian employees of the Department of Defense face many uncertainties, including the possibility of being furloughed until the government shutdown is resolved. The president expressed his concern for the civilian employees and their families, stating that they deserve better than how Congress has treated them during the sequester and consequential shutdown. 

"Your talents and dedication help keep our military the best in the world," Obama said of civilian defense employees. 

Prior to recording the video message, Obama signed a measure into law that will maintain the issuance of paychecks and allowances for active-duty troops, according to the White House's official website.