Many Americans are more than willing to help out veterans in any way they can, and often that includes making unique items for them to use in their everyday lives. One such person in the greater Philadelphia area has been crafting knives for veterans over the last few years.

Scott Durham, of Haddonfield, Pennsylvania, has personally spearheaded his own Honor Your Hero Project, which involves him engraving a metal multi-tool with the names of veterans, and giving it either to the veterans individually, or their families, according to a report from CBS Philly. Included with the tools, particularly those given to families of veterans who died in combat, is a handwritten letter thanking them for their service.

Durham, who receives donations to help cover the cost of the materials and engraving, has made thousands of tools since 2013, including two sent to Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, the report said.

"And I don't know 99 percent of these people I send them to," Durham told the station. "They're in Montana. Idaho, Wisconsin. They're everywhere."

This is the kind of thing that many may not know is available, but it's one of the benefits for veterans that can help in their daily lives and better illustrate that people are always there for them.