Military children face many challenges. Frequent moves coupled with spending time apart from their parents can certainly be difficult, and as communities across the country recognize the Month of the Military Child, some Indiana groups are hoping to shed light on some of the positive aspects of military life, the Journal and Courier reports.

The initiative is being led by the Military Family Research Institute (MFRI) at Purdue University and an organization called Indiana Operation Military Kids. The two groups say that some military children keep a positive outlook in the face of challenges. Emily, Stephanie and Sarah Huff are all living proof of the silver lining of having parents serving in the Armed Forces. Emily, 11, says that frequent moves offer the chance to experience something new. 

"It's always something different," she told the newspaper. "Seeing different places and trying new foods."

Furthermore, technology has changed the way military families stay in touch with one another. Skype, Facebook and other social media tools have helped make the time apart less difficult. 

The MFRI operates many other programs geared toward improving the lives of military children and their families, including initiatives such as Operation Diploma, which has contributed more than $2 million to help servicemembers and their families get degrees.