In an Op-Ed for The Tampa Tribune, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) addressed the current issues facing both Congress and the military. 

When the Senate reconvenes next week, it will again take up the National Defense Authorization Act, proposed legislation that outlines the fiscal budgets and priorities for all defense activities. While the bill is a major piece of legislation, Rubio stated that the Senate's current "dysfunction" means that many military benefits for servicemembers and veterans might fall through the cracks, including the legislation he drafted with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). The proposal calls for stronger protection for elderly veterans who fall victim to financial scams, and mandates that the VA work with federal agencies to cut down on the scam artists targeting veterans. 

However, despite bipartisan effort on many measures, Rubio states that leadership in the Senate is still divided, which will eventually affect the military. 

"Our nation deserves better than this and, without question, the men and women of our military deserve more," Rubio wrote. "As we continue to deploy troops overseas to fight terrorism, respond to disasters and defend our interests, we have a duty to take care of them and their families and ensure that they can live safe and dignified post-military lives."