Many servicemembers were pleased last week when Congress restored the popular transition assistance program, which had been slated to be suspended until at least October. However, despite the victory, military officials are still unsure when they can allow new soldiers to enroll in the program because there is still some uncertainty regarding what budget cuts need to be made, Stars and Stripes reports.

The biggest issue is where in the budget the Department of Defense will cut $43 billion, as required by sequestration. Military officials met with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently to go over what reductions can be made and when the transition assistance program can resume. Sources say servicemembers can expect a decision within the next several days. 

"What we know definitively is that right now, it's suspended," Air Force spokeswoman Maj. Cristin Marposon told the publication. "It's being worked aggressively, and as soon as we have the way ahead, it will be announced."

When the final announcement comes, it will have a significant impact on throngs of troops. According to, an estimated 300,000 use the vital program, which provides up to $7,500 for tuition payments each year.