Are military veterans startups on the rise? Forbes seems to think so.

Forbes contributor Shaun So recently reported that veteran-founded startups, as well as veteran-focused investment groups and veteran-only incubators, are the newest trend to hit the digital sphere. After the mentorship-focused company TechStars initiated its first Rising Stars Patriots Boot Camp, which provided training to a select group of former servicemembers, two years ago, veterans have been taking the Internet startup reins. 

RideScout, which launched this week in Washington, D.C, Unite Us and HirePurpose are among the new companies created by veterans. Although most of them are still in their early stages, the companies have already secured financial backing in the six-figure range. 

Another recently launched startup, Mid-Atlantic angel group Hivers and Strivers, only invests in Internet ventures founded by graduates of U.S. military academies. 

According to the news outlet, a growing number of organizations and investment groups alike want to get into the game. The National Defense University Foundation just partnered with the Angel Investor Forum to create the Veteran's Venture Forum, with the goal of helping veterans pitch their business ideas to potential backers, the news source reports. The Veteran's Venture Forum will feature monthly boot camp sessions at Fort McNair, where servicemembers and ventures can discuss their project with more than 80 season investors.

Three boot camp sessions are still open for registration, So writes, adding that veterans and their experiences are beneficial to leading a company in "a scrappy start-up environment."