Many U.S. military veterans currently residing in Bermuda do not realize that they qualify for military benefits. Now, they have the opportunity to fully receive the rewards they deserve for their service, The Royal Gazette reports. 

At a meeting recently held by U.S. Consul General Robert Settje, former Marine Corps Staff Sergeant David Perinchief met with about 30 veterans to discuss the benefits open to them. Perinchief, a dual U.S.-Bermuda citizen who works out of the Boston Veterans Affairs office, travels to Bermuda on occasion to educate and foster a personal relationship with the veterans, making it easier for them to understand the complicated VA system. 

Perinchief told the news source that he was surprised by the large number of former U.S. servicemembers living on the island. 

"Their numbers are more than I originally thought – you wonder how many more of them are out there," Perinchief said.

According to the news source, Bermuda-based veterans are entitled to full benefits, including health care and disability, from the U.S. government. 

"It's the best feeling in the world when these guys come in to see you," Perinchief said. "They're so mad, so angry, and when you explain it to them they get that smile."