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AFBA Welcomes EANGUS Members

As a member of the U.S. National Guard, you make the sacrifice to serve and to protect this country's ideals, goals and objectives for future generations. You and your family deserve the same protection. Protecting your family is the fundamental purpose of life insurance. At AFBA we have nearly 70 years of experience in offering products to lessen the financial challenges of a loss of life.

Over 110,000 Guard members (current, former and dependents) across the country are among our members. AFBA is unique in providing coverage features that suit the needs of families like yours:

  • Experienced and dedicated Guard support team
  • No combat or terrorism exclusions
  • No occupational restrictions or premiums
  • Emergency Death Benefit. An Emergency Death Benefit of up to $15,000 is available within one business day to eligible beneficiaries upon notice of death of insured.
  • Charles C. Blanton Family Survivor College. $40,000 scholarship for surviving families of members killed in combat or acts of terrorism.*

Learn more about Better Alternative military life insurance by clicking here, or call 1-800-776-2322 for a quote.


*Click here for full details on the Charles C. Blanton AFBA Family Survivor College Scholarship.

Life insurance product underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company (A Lincoln, Nebraska company). Life insurance product available in all states except New York. The product is also available in the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico.