In the military, you learn certain skills that stick with you throughout your life such as dedication, persistence, and attention to details. And that’s not even counting the specific job aptitudes you may have or learned while in the service.

A challenge veterans and their families often face when returning to civilian life is the transition to working in a non-military job. Thankfully, employers often appreciate those who have armed forces veteran status on their resumes. There are many businesses that specifically advertise to veterans and their families.

Here, we’ll go into a few of those employers that are currently looking for people from the armed forces
to work for them.


Amazon advertises its need for employees with veteran status and even provides a helpful cheat sheet. This can tell you how the specific skills you learned in the armed forces would translate to being an effective employee. By filling out details about your service, such as which branch you served in, your rank and the number of years you were active, they’ll match you for a certain position.

The enterprise also features military recruiting teams that hold virtual hiring events. There are also apprenticeships available that can teach you how to build a career in cloud computing, which should be attractive to those with IT experience. Amazon even offers a Military SkillBridge program designed to help you transition from military life to civilian life if you’re within 180 days of leaving the service.

The appearance of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.The appearance of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

Capital One

Capital One claims to “value the service and sacrifice of our veterans, active military personnel and their families… accountability, collaboration, leadership and dedication make you a crucial member of our team.”

What special benefits do they have to appeal to veterans? Well, for starters, you can expect:

  • Military training and active duty time off. Capital One claims that you can take up to eight weeks for training or active duty if you’re called to serve during your employment at the company. They even offer a pay differential between your company salary and military pay after you come back to work.
  • Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). As a partner of MSEP, Capital One offers advantages to the spouses of service members.
  • On-leave job security. If you need to go on leave for any reason, your job will be protected for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Secondary insurance in addition to your military benefits. Dental, vision, supplemental life coverage, flexible spending accounts and medical care are offered to veterans working for Capital One. If you’re on leave, these benefits persist.


As a top leader in the telecommunications, technology and networking industries, Cisco is always looking for bright new talent, especially those who have experience with these fields.

The company offers training for those early in their military transition back to civilian life, special programs and opportunities specifically for veterans, and connects service members and their families with jobs at Cisco and Cisco partners.

With a return to civilian life comes new opportunities just for you

These are just a handful of opportunities you can pursue as you return to civilian life. There are entire resources available just to help veterans find new careers as they transition back home. Some employers are better suited than others for service members, and many are actively looking for new employees with military experience.

If you’re in the armed forces and looking for work outside the military, why not give one of these opportunities a go? You may find it satisfying and rewarding.