First lady learns about struggles of military families


Michelle Obama has made helping military families one of her biggest priorities, and she recently traveled to Minnesota to get a firsthand look at what needs to be done. The first lady attended a roundtable discussion with leading military organizations to discuss how to best accomplish their goals, the Star Tribune reports.

Among the organizations present to talk with Obama were Serving Our Troops, the Armed Forces Service Center, GreenCare for Troops and Defending the Blue Line, which makes it easier for local military children to play on a hockey team. It's meetings like this that help raise awareness of the burden that families face, Obama said.

"A lot of times America just doesn't understand the struggles," she told the newspaper. "We take it for granted because you all handle and shoulder the burden so well."

Fifty-five percent of the 2.2 million servicemembers in the U.S. are married, and 40 percent have two or more children, so the need for a focus on the struggles of military families is very real. That's what Obama's Joining Forces initiative aims to do. In particular, it places an emphasis on creating employment opportunities, strengthening education and promoting wellness in military families.


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