The entire nation was devastated by the December 14 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 20 school children and six teachers dead, and police and first responders involved were certainly deeply affected. The scene was undoubtedly unlike anything they've ever dealt with and they've been working around the clock ever since. However, on Christmas, they got some rest thanks to some fellow emergency workers, according to CNN.

The entire police force in Newtown was given Christmas Day off because police departments from around the state pitched in to help out. Among those who lent a hand was the nearby town of Shelton, which has assisted Newtown in the investigation since the shooting nearly two weeks ago.

"We’ve sent officers, dispatchers, and even our chief of police has gone to Newtown to help out. We've helped with dispatching, traffic, miscellaneous calls," Lt. Bob Kozlowsky told CNN. "Our chief of police has gone to assist their chief of police with administrative duties."

Shelton wasn't the only town to pitch in. Neighboring communities such as Monroe, Brookfield, Danbury and Bethel all played a part in this unique Christmas gift.