Google Glass is one of the more cutting edge technological developments unveiled in the last several months, and now a Connecticut-based company is looking to integrate the optical head-mounted display into the first responder community. The corporation, Mutualink, Inc., believes the devices could be used by everyone from law enforcement officers to firefighters as they look to keep the public safe.

Although the plans are still in the earliest stages, Mutualink expects the glasses to tap into the congressionally mandated first responder network that is still in the process of being developed. Should it be successful, the program would provide first responders with the chance to quickly review health records, review building blueprints or watching security cameras. Mutualink will present their plans at the upcoming APCO 2013 conference.

"The capabilities that are made possible by combining Google Glass and Mutualink can save lives in many crisis response situations," said Joe Mazzarella, Senior Vice President of Mutualink. "Though Google Glass is still in beta, we are quite enthusiastic to be at the cutting edge of technology, and taking a leading role with Google Glass and its novel implications from a societal benefit perspective."

While the use of Google Glass could improve how first responders do their jobs, the development has not been without its critics, especially surrounding security and privacy issues. However, developers say their use will be no different than many surveillance methods already in place.