Kid Rock has long been an ardent supporter of the troops, and the rapper-turned-country singer recently went above and beyond for one injured vet. The "Cowboy" singer partnered with Operation Finally Home and the Pulte Group to provide a new house to an injured Afghanistan veteran, The Detroit News reports.

The Macomb Township, Michigan, home was given to Army Sgt. Davin Dumar and his wife Dana, who were shocked to see Kid Rock waiting inside when they first stepped inside a model home, where he informed them they'd be receiving a specially-made residence. Given Dumar's sacrifice, he felt like it was the least he could do.

"We are all grateful for your service to our country," Kid Rock said, according to the newspaper.

Dumar, who lost a leg and injured his arm in Afghanistan, is one of 50 people who have received a house from Operation Finally Home, a Texas-based nonprofit that has built homes in 11 different states.

Affordable housing for veterans and military families is one of the chief concerns for Armed Forces advocates. Many organizations have made building houses for wounded vets a priority, including Habitat for Humanities, which earned recognition earlier this year for its VetCorps program.