Firefighters and first responders from across Colorado have been battling wildfires for well over a week, and now they're getting help from some out-of-state servicemembers. Firefighters from Washington's Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) reported to Fort Carson earlier this week and will stay for at least two weeks.

Never before has JBLM sent first responders to serve at another military installation, but given the severity of the situation in Colorado, they had no other choice. The team of six has no set responsibilities, but will likely be filling in wherever the Fort Carson squad needs them, whether it be on the front lines or back at the station. Despite being an unusual arrangement, JBLM fire chief Dean Dixon hopes it inspires other installations to do the same.

"Hopefully this will set off a trend so if something bad ever happened here, we could count on another installation to step up to the plate and help us out," Dixon said.

The wildfires have decreased as of late, but the devastation they left behind is significant. The blaze is responsible for at least two deaths and has destroyed hundreds of homes. According to MSNBC, it has already burned more than 18,200 acres.