For spouses of military personnel, having to move frequently is usually a given. Though it's part of the job, it can sometimes make finding employment difficult, especially for spouses who have special job certifications only in certain states. However, a number of states have passed legislation letting military spouses transfer out of state licenses, and Illinois recently joined the list, The Associated Press reports.

The bill was recently signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn during a ceremony attended by first lady Michelle Obama, who has been a champion for military families over the last several years. Many popular professions require state-based licensing, and Obama says making it easier for husbands and wives to transfer theirs from state-to-state is crucial.

"[This is] the story of the teacher who has moved 12 times, taking odd jobs to pay the bills," Obama told the crowd, according to the AP. "The story of the social worker whose skills go unused as she waits months for paperwork to clear. The accountants, the psychologists, the real-estate agents, child care providers and so many others."

There are currently about 100,000 military spouses who work in professions that require state licensing or certification, and removing such roadblocks may help reduce unemployment in the group. As of Memorial Day, the unemployment rate among military spouses stood at about 28 percent.