The National Guard has always been a vital resource to states and municipalities, helping to ensure that the first responders and others who are responsible for the communities' safety are supported in their endeavors. In the past several months, there have been countless instances of natural and man-made disasters that have necessitated the activation of National Guard resources, and the individuals involved have done an immense amount of good work to protect civilians. 

This has been especially clear in states such as Texas, where floods have been raging, and others including Michigan and Colorado. 

Working in Flint
MLive recently reported that the Michigan National Guard has been working tirelessly in Flint to help the community get through the water crisis, with more than 400 members deployed since the beginning of the event. However, thanks to the efforts of local first responders and the national guard, Governor Rick Snyder announced the forces will be pulled out by May 27, with civilians taking on the duties that are needed. 

Interestingly, the source pointed out that some groups believe a healthy grant from the federal government might help to correct the issues involved in the water distribution centers, and employ people for that matter. According to the news provider, Governor Snyder's announcement regarding the national guard project's end in the city included a moment in which he gave members of the National Guard medals of merit. 

This particular crisis will take much longer to completely correct, but the National Guard was a critical force in getting the city's citizens through the toughest aspects of the lead-poisoned water. These types of issues are expected to become a bit more common as time goes on, with so much of the nation still dependent upon lead-based pipes within their water systems, and the National Guard will be there to assist in more extreme events. 

The National Guard has been active across the country. The National Guard has been active across the country.

Training in Colorado
The Times-Call reported that the Colorado Air National Guard conducted fire suppression training in a neighborhood right outside of Denver, working with helicopters to prevent the spread of wildfires in the state. As a note, fires are a very prevalent and always pressing threat to the state of Colorado in spring and summer, as the dry climate makes for a higher risk than is present most other states. 

According to the source, National Guard members from Nebraska will also be involved in the training exercise, which will teach individuals how to best use more advanced equipment and tactics to control wild fires. 

More recently, Deseret News pointed out that Colorado, New Mexico and Utah National Guard members participated in terrorist-response training in several areas surrounding Denver, including the airport. The news provider argued that these particular exercises were meant to train participants in how to best respond to attacks that mimic those that took place in Paris last fall. 

The National Guard is responsible for a range of safety and protection tasks within the borders, and training will continue to improve upon the department's effectiveness in responding to disasters.