Of all the things the Navy is known for, food is certainly not one of them. That may all change soon, however, as the branch is preparing to unveil a new approach to cooking that could shift the perceptions of the food in the Armed Forces, according to Military Times.

The changing attitudes toward the food is the result of a number of emerging trends. In particular, young sailors have more discerning tastes than in years past and there is also a greater emphasis placed on healthy dietary choices. To create a healthier, more diverse menu, the Navy is focusing on making more meals from scratch and providing better training to cooks.

"Pre-assembled meals are more helpful when feeding 5,000 sailors – it really is a stress-reliever," Culinary Specialist Seaman Joshua Root told the publication. "However, when working in the wardroom [with] fewer people, scratch prep is a way better technique."

Some of the cooks have received training from some of the best in the food service industry. Earlier this year, some Navy culinary specialists trained alongside the experts at Hilton Bayfront Hotel in San Diego, according to the Navy's official website.