Families across the country are scrambling to get ready for the beginning of another school year, but for those with ties to the military, the process can be a bit more difficult. However, the Back to School Brigade, an initiative launched by Operation Homefront, is in full swing and helping make the process a bit easier.

Among those chipping in is Oklahoma resident Carol Herrick. So far, she has helped around 250 local families get ready for school by providing them with backpacks full of supplies, The Oklahoman reports. Herrick is the director of Operation Homefront, and knows firsthand the difficulty of having a loved one in the Armed Forces.

"I am an active-duty military spouse," Herrick told the newspaper. "I see the challenges that military families face. Folks have a tough time. It's a financial burden."

Due to frequent moves, some families find it difficult to bring in two sources of income. According to CNNMoney, married servicemembers with two children earn around $52,000 a year, but having to relocate on a regular basis can take its toll.