The U.S. is slated to unleash an impressive new helicopter, called the "King Stallion." According to Foreign Policy, the King Stallion will replace older military helicopters like the Sea Stallion and Super Stallion. The source noted that the new helicopter may potentially be in use by 2019. Life after service for a retired military helicopter is quite unceremonious, according to the source, as they go to a boneyard to join other outdated military apparatuses. Regardless, military personnel may view the new innovation with anticipation, curious about what the future of military technology holds.

Stunning new innovations for King Stallion
"With its 88,000 maximum gross weight, powerful new engines, lightweight composite structure, new rotor blades and fly-by-wire controls, the CH-53K will have the means to move troops and equipment from ship to shore, and to higher-altitude terrain, more quickly and effectively than ever before," said Sikorsky President Mick Maurer, according to Foreign Policy.

Sikorsky is a company dedicated to building state-of-the art aircraft, helping the military pursue military objectives with vigor and success. The Marine Corps Times noted that the King Stallion will have new features that will display an aircraft significantly improved upon from previous military aircraft.

"We want to carry much more, carry it higher, operate at higher temperatures," said Sergei Sikorsk, according to the Marine Corps Times, "But we have the dimensions of the aircraft carrier, and that is the deciding factor. It is the one single engineering challenge to do the job, get the required performance, and get the aircraft small enough to go up and down the elevator."

Enormous effort behind King Stallion
The King Stallion will have to undertake innumerable exercises to ensure that it is primed and ready for combat – which helps explain why the helicopter will not be ready until 2019. The helicopter has lead to a high amount of expenditure. A total of $25 billion has been spent, including research and development, to help make sure that the helicopter is flawless come 2019. 

Foreign Policy noted that the King Stallion will be indispensable for a number of reasons. A prominent reason is the helicopter's ability to carry heavy armored vehicles. The source noted that, just like updated helicopters, innumerable changes and updates are made to armored vehicles, leading to techniques to construct better vehicles being constantly refined.