Military members dedicate their lives and their careers to serving others, so it is only right that society gives back to these individuals in some way. Many businesses offer military discounts to show their gratitude to servicemembers and veterans. The most common areas that offer these discounts are restaurants, outings and services.

There is nothing quite as special as sharing a meal with family, especially when your servicemember has been deployed for awhile. Restaurants like Fuddrucker’s, Texas Roadhouse and Bennigan’s are three of the most popular military-friendly dining establishments. See the infographic below for the specific discounts at each location.

Military life can be stressful on both servicemembers and families. Sometimes it is nice to escape it all for a day. Park Ride Fly USA, the off-site parking lots for airports, offer great military discounts that will making getting away even easier. Sandals Resorts make a great vacation for military families, as the company offers discounted travel packages for servicemembers. For military families who would rather stay closer to home, Showcase Cinemas also offer discounted tickets to servicemembers and their families upon the presentation of a valid military ID.

What better way to honor servicemembers than by providing discount services? Every servicemember and his or her family will need to go grocery shopping at some point and CostCo has them covered. The grocery chain offers military discounts on their items, making the life of military members a little easier. Apple and AT&T also want to make things easier for servicemembers by offering a discount on electronics and phone/internet services.

Military members deserve gratitude for their service, and many businesses show their appreciation by offering discounted goods and services for individuals with a military ID. For a more in-depth look at places that offer military discounts, check out the infographic below.