Greetings and welcome. As a former servicemember, you know that the military community is unique and tight-knit. Finding out that someone served the country like you did can create an immediate bond and set the tone for a life-long friendship. But it’s not just your friends and neighbors who might surprise you with their armed forces pasts – many celebrities are also part of the veteran population. Let’s take a look at some famous faces who were once soldiers.

Morgan Freeman has one of the most well-known voices around, but the internationally known performer didn’t jump into acting right away. Although he was offered a scholarship to theater school, Freeman declined the offer and instead joined the U.S. Air Force in 1955, where he served for four years.

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Golden Girls, you’re familiar with actress Bea Arthur. In her younger years, Arthur was a typist and truck driver in the Marine Corps.

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