Hello. As a veteran, you bravely served your country. While the sacrifices you made for your nation are immeasurable, many businesses throughout the U.S. want to give back to you and your fellow servicemembers in any way they can. A number of companies offer great discounts for military personnel and their loved ones – but these amazing benefits aren’t always advertised. Let’s look at some of the great perks you can take advantage of as a vet.

Nationwide chain restaurants are a great place to go for inexpensive and delicious meals, and as a soldier your food can cost even less. Get yummy comfort food from Boston Market at a 20 percent discount, or head over to Cinnabon and get a sweet treat for 15 percent off.

Del Taco shows its appreciation to soldiers by giving them a 50 percent discount. You can get 10 percent off on Dunkin Donuts products online, and you can also send coffee to troops overseas through the site.

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