Affordable and available places to live are essential facets of creating a comfortable life. Without housing stability, families will always have trouble achieving peace of mind. This is why it's so important for government and private-sector programs alike to develop affordable homes for veterans to inhabit upon the end of their military service.

The transition period between active duty and settled civilian life is noted for its unique challenges, especially for veterans who are still very young, or who experienced physical or mental trauma. It's therefore hugely reassuring to know there is a comfortable and affordable place to live while receiving professional help to cope with the strain of combat and the readjustment period.

Sizable new housing development set for New Jersey
The South Jersey Times recently described a new project called Camp Salute, a several-unit development going up on former farmland in Clayton, New Jersey. The apartments will give preference to veterans and Gold Star families, and the developers have set aside 19 units for vets with disabilities. While many housing projects targeting veterans are designed as transitional spaces that will get homeless individuals into more hospitable surroundings, the company behind Camp Salute sees it as the next step – it's a permanent home for those who have stabilized their lives and need an affordable place to live long-term.

Camp Salute is also set to offer services beyond housing. A permanent staff of accredited claims agents will staff a resource center on the premises. Veterans from the region will be able to go to this center for help with Department of Veterans Affairs filings and claims, and seniors will gain a place to get help with Medicare, Medicaid or other medical program issues.

"Many vets living within the same community could tap into a sense of camaraderie."

Developers of the property told the South Jersey Times that the advantages are numerous for veterans who move into their new apartments. For instance, the presence of many vets living within the same community could tap into a sense of camaraderie and create a great feeling of connectivity. The property's benefits include more general housing advantages, too, such as convenient access to transportation.

Racine project gets new attention
Another development with veteran preference is set to emerge in Racine, Wisconsin. The project to create 74 high-quality housing units meant for vets lost momentum this summer, but was recently revived by a different developer, according to The Journal Times. The apartments will replace an abandoned industrial complex that has fallen into disrepair, and are intended to include impressive amenities such as a medical office, a business center and even a patio for train watching. A private company is set to begin construction, bolstered by tax credits.

Permanent homes hold importance
The above projects are both cut from the same cloth: veteran-preference developments that will serve as long-term, comfortable homes for vets and their families. These projects have an important role to play alongside the temporary homes that act as the backbone of plans to help homeless vets and those struggling to find places to stay. While the latter kind of communities are designed to help individuals at their lowest point, the former point the way toward a more settled future.