Each year, many veterans across the country may be looking for a job, but have difficulty finding a position that works for them. However, that is oftentimes the result of unfounded concern on the part of people in charge of hiring, and many experts actually say this hiring method may be harmful to small businesses in particular.

It's not always easy for veterans to transition back to civilian life, but doing so successfully typically includes finding a full-time job, according to a report from Chief Learning Officer. However, small businesses have been criticized for not always being as open as they perhaps should be to the idea of hiring veterans. But in reality, veterans likely have many skills in a number of different areas that can perfectly suit them for success in a number of fields.

For this reason, experts say that it's often wise for small business owners who are in charge of hiring, or who directly oversee the people who are, to better educate themselves about the benefits that hiring former servicemembers can provide for their companies, the report said. Among the job skills veterans are likely to have is leadership and initiative that they learned while serving their country. Indeed, it may even be wise for them to not only hire veterans, but create hiring programs that can help to identify veterans who are well-suited to the work these companies do, and perhaps even form partnerships with organizations that help connect veterans and companies.

Meanwhile, veterans who are looking for jobs may want to reach out to such organizations. That can help them to find new job opportunities which may go a long way toward helping them have a smoother transition to civilian life once again.