Families of military members and veterans certainly do not always have it easy, but organizations exist to help them with the various issues they face. To that end, a home in Nevada that will provide plenty of comfort in the coming years to those families will soon open.

The Fisher House in North Las Vegas is located near the VA hospital in the city, and is designed to provide temporary housing to families of active military members and veterans while they are being treated at the health care facility, according to a report from the Las Vegas Sun. The "comfort home," as these facilities are called, is the 69th to be opened in the U.S., and this one came in well ahead of schedule.

Crews weren't even supposed to begin construction on the building until next year, but the public fundraising goal of $3 million was met far more quickly than anyone expected, the report said. As a result, only a few last-minute touches need to be made before families can start moving in temporarily. The home will have 16 suites, including private bathrooms, in addition to communal amenities like kitchens, living rooms, patio, and so on.

"Over its lifetime, this home will serve thousands of warriors and their families, and that is something of which we should all be Nevada proud," Scott Bensing, president of the Nevada Military Support Alliance, told the newspaper.

These types of facilities are starting to crop up all over the country, and as such they are able to provide significant peace of mind to current military members, veterans, and their families as they go through difficult times. The more that can be done to provide this kind of help, the better off former service members and their loved ones will be.