For some time now, the Professional Golf Association has made it a goal to assist wounded veterans in getting back to 100 percent, both physically and mentally. As a result, its PGA HOPE Veteran Clinic that recently ended continues to be a major success.

The eight-week HOPE program (which stands for "Helping Our Patriots Everywhere") brings veterans to the golf course and to get lessons for free. The effort has gone over very well, bringing thousands of veterans physical, social, and mental work they might not have had otherwise, according to a report from CBS 12. The "graduation" ceremony even features tournaments, surprises, and gifts for participants.

"The graduation isn't the end of our involvement with these brave men and women, as PGA Golf Club will offer continuing programming to all graduates," PGA Golf Club general manager Jimmy Terry told the station.

These kinds of programs, created with the assistance of organizations large and small, go a long way toward helping veterans deal with the lingering issues they often have after service, and help to put them back on the path to leading a normal, happy life.