Operation Stand Down has been helping veterans across the country with social services ranging from housing assistance and clothing to medical support and food. Certain states and cities have their own Operation Stand Down offerings to veterans, and all focus on the re-acclimation of veterans to civilian life and giving them everything they need to complete this process comfortably, safely and efficiently. The biggest initiatives from the organization involve homeless veterans, and it has made a big difference over the years. 

"Operation Stand Down assists veterans with a range of services."

Most state- and city-run divisions of Operation Stand Down will host events that take place over the course of one to three days, inviting veterans to attend and get access to the support and services they need on the spot. The one in Tennessee has been especially vital in helping veterans re-integrate following their discharge from the military. 

One coordinator's quest
The Leaf Chronicle recently interviewed Willie Celestine, a young Army veteran who has gotten involved with the Clarksville, Tennessee Operation Stand Down as an outreach specialist, beginning with the office at its inception during the first month of 2015. According to the news provider, Celestine has worked to apply his own lessons from re-acclimating to civilian life to his duties as an outreach specialist for Operation Stand Down. Celestine spoke to some of the reasons why the office is so important to the veteran community in the area. 

"There is a great need for us," Celestine told The Leaf Chronicle. "Since we've been here, we've housed many homeless veterans and their families. We've been able to help several unemployed veterans find jobs, help veterans file for their compensation and disability and referred many to our legal services."

The source pointed out that Celestine is specifically involved in raising awareness regarding the group's various social services available to veterans, and finding those in need. He also stated that the Clarksville operation has been highly effective when compared to other areas. 

"I think Clarksville is a very veteran-orientated community overall," Celestine added to the news provider. "One of the things that we do enjoy is through the Veterans Coalition is a lot of interacting between the agencies to make sure the veterans are taken care of. As a community, I think we're on point there."

Suffice it to say that Operation Stand Down can have a massively positive impact on an entire community, including the veterans and civilians who are living in it. 

Tennessee has been active in its support of the veteran community. Tennessee has been active in its support of the veteran community.

Tennessee leads
Operation Stand Down Tennessee has been around for more than 23 years, making it one of the earlier ones to sprout up in the country. Veterans in that state can access its services through the Operation Stand Down Tennessee website, while it offers employment training, transitional housing programs, Stand Downs and more to its local service member community. 

Veterans can likely find an Operation Stand Down in their state with similar services, and should remember to seek these out given their extreme value in re-acclimating to civilian life.