Nearly seven years after he was killed, a Marine is being honored by his mother in a unique way. Amy Wolfe is preparing to debut a touching ballet tribute to her son Colin who was killed just several weeks into his first deployment in Iraq, reports Prince William Today.

Wolfe is the artistic director for the Manassas Ballet Theatre in Manassas, Virginia, and she was recently approached by a local composer about creating some new music for an upcoming performance. Eventually, the idea of an act dedicated to Colin's life came to the forefront and Wolfe got to work on the emotional undertaking. Not only was it a way for Wolfe to remember her son, but it's a fitting tribute given that he studied ballet since he was young.

"Actually, for me, it really brings Colin back to life," she told the newspaper. "Now I have something I can listen to that is Colin. Now there is something that I can watch that is Colin," she told the newspaper. "It makes it as if he is right here with me."

The ballet is set to open on March 16 and will incorporate many pieces of music familiar to soldiers, reports Military Times. In fact, the score includes both a 21-gun salute and the Marine Corps Hymn.