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Federal Government Contractor Employer Group Term Life Insurance

You Help Support and Protect the Nation.

Are You Protecting Your Company and Your Employees?

Provide coverage you can count on: Secure a group term life insurance policy underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company for your company and its employees.



As a government contractor, your employees are in unique work situations, living or traveling to dangerous locations - working onboard ships and planes, with weapons and exposed to environments outside of most other industries. Your challenges, whether construction, technology, operational, or security related, contain a unique set of risks and your work on public sector projects and government related activities outside of the United States demands unique solutions.

Even with the mandated Defense Base Act (DBA) coverage, additional insurance may be necessary to cover your risks due to its lower limits and potential coverage gaps. With DBA coverage alone you and your employees may be underinsured when on the job, or exposed when off the job.

With the Government Contractor Employer Group Term Life Insurance offered by AFBA, your company and employees receive:

  • Group life insurance coverage for employees deployed/stationed internationally;
  • Guaranteed issue benefit amounts;
  • No combat, war or terrorism exclusions;
  • No geographic limitations;
  • No occupation or activity exclusions; and
  • Coverage available for deployed and domestic employees.

Government Contractor Employer Group Term Life Insurance*

Providing solutions for the insurance needs of your personnel is a critical part of an overall risk management strategy. You and your employees may have existing life insurance policies that, group or individually, have terms, conditions and exclusions that may invalidate certain elements of coverage if used internationally. The bottom line is, you could be paying for and counting on insurance coverage that will not protect you when it is needed most.

Take advantage of this opportunity to provide valued insurance benefits from AFBA for your personnel that will be there when the need arises.


Employer Group Term Life

Group size



Guaranteed issue (no exam or medical questions required)


Basic and Voluntary

Benefit amounts


Benefit type

Death - All causes


No combat, war, terrorism, occupation, travel or geographic exclusions


1-year, renewable annually


Fixed for term


All eligible employees of U.S. based companies

Customer profile

We understand your business needs and have provided coverage to government contractors from many different industries:

  • IT/IS;
  • Construction;
  • Security;
  • Language services;
  • Transportation/Logistics; and
  • 8(a).

We share your mission and understand who you serve

AFBA's Board of Directors reflects the diversity of our markets and is comprised of retired senior flag and non-commissioned military officers from all branches and the National Guard as well as former First Responder and private industry business leaders.

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*Life insurance product underwritten by 5Star Life Insurance Company (A Lincoln, Nebraska company). Life insurance product available in all states except New York. The product is also available in the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico.